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NAKAMURA, Seiichi, Kazuo Aoyama, and Eiji Uratsuji, Investigaciones Arqueologicas en la Region de la Entrada, 3 volume report of the Japanese archaeological expedition northeast of Copan: ceramics, artifacts, sculpture, hieroglyphs (decipherments by Linda Schele).


NAJERA CORONADO, Martha Ilia, Bonampak (Spanish Edition), 142 pages on the best paper, coffee table book size and quality, includes photographs of the Lacandones not often published elsewhere, 79 photographs including many full-page and many double-page spreads of the murals.


NAVARRETE, Carlos, The Chiapanec history and culture (New World Archaeological Foundation. Publication). Ethnography, ethnohistory and archaeology of Chiapas, NWAF # 21, 110p.


NAVARRETE, Carlos, The Olmec rock carvings at Pijijiapan, Chiapas, Mexico and other Olmec pieces from Chiapas and Guatemala (Papers of the New World Archaeological Foundation), fascinating Olmec art, NWAF # 35.


NAVARRETE, Carlos and MARTINEZ, Edwardo, CUEVA DE LOS ANDASOLOS, UNACH, 19 pages of illustrations with descriptions of figurines, 40 pages of photographs of figurines and site., (illustrates the most important and exotic Jaguar God of the Underworld incensario ever found in the entire Maya area). This book is an essential reference for iconographers, 130p.


NICHOLSON, H. B., Pre-Columbian Art from the Land Collection based in part on consultation with Nicholas Hellmuth and others, all Mesoamerican cultures handsomely illustrated with pieces not published elsewhere.


NIEDERBERGER Betton, Christine, Paleopaysages et Archeologie Pre-Urbaine du Bassin du Mexico, 2 large volumes. Complete review of Preclassic iconography (figurines and pottery) in general and Olmec iconography in particular (jades and sculpture). I have not seen this title offered in other catalogs; they are probably long out of print. (853 pages of educational information including 237 drawings, 269 photos, plus 209 charts/ maps/tables).


NORMAN, V. Garth, IZAPA SCULPTURE Part 1 & 2, 2 vols. I is album of photographs and line drawings of the stelae and altars, II includes more drawings, additional photographs, and descriptive text. Suitable for the lay reader as well as student and scholar. 360p. of text including 245 drawings and 64 plates a two-volume set with so much information and so many illustrations.




OCHOA, Lorenzo, Guia arqueologica del Museo de Jonuta y notas historicas de la region (Spanish Edition), 72 p, color and B+W, all major Maya figurines illustrated (Fine Orange, Jaina-related style),


OCHOA, Lorenzo (coordinator), TIERRA Y AGUA - La Antropologia en Tabasco, 8 color plates, 21 illustrations, 12 B&W photos, 72p.


OHI, Kuniaki et al., KAMINALJUYU - Excavation Research, 1994, Set of 2 volumes, boxed w/history & culture, (texts in Spanish and Japanese) hundreds of B&W photos of artifacts and site excavations as well as illustrations. Foldouts of maps, chronologies of architecture, designs of crafts and cultures. 762p.


ONISHI MUSEUM, RAMAWORLD - Ancient Civilization of the Earthenware exhibition, America before Columbus came, Peru, MAYA VASES, bowls (full page size color photographs in a quality only Japan can produce). Produced by one of the richest private museums in Japan. It took four days to get to this museum in a rather out-of-the-way part of the country. Hardcover 48p.



PARSONS, Lee, BILBAO, GUATEMALA, Vol. II (Vol. I is not available, is totally separate, and is not necessary to understand the material of Vol. II). This volume (II) shows all the stone sculptures of the Pipil Cotzumalhuapa civilization of piedmont Guatemala, plus a thorough description; includes all the stelae which depict ballplayers, 274p.


PARSONS, L., PRE-COLUMBIAN AMERICA. The Art and Archaeology of South,Central and Middle America. Handbook for the Exhibition Hall.. Jaina figurines, ballgame sculpture, incense burners, Preclassic, Aztec, West Coast Mexico, 193p.


PARSONS, L. et al., The Face of Ancient America: The Wally and Brenda Zollman Collection of Precolumbian Art, Foreword by Michael Coe, rollout photographs by Justin Kerr, includes abundant iconographic data from Nicholas Hellmuth and others; "scholarship with outstanding photographs," plenty of color photos of Maya art.


PASCUAL SOTO, Arturo, ICONOGRAFIA ARQUEOLOGICA DE EL TAJIN, all the great sculpture of El Tajin, including several reliefs not in Kampen's monograph, so many hundreds of illustrations we lost count, hardcover too, 324p.


PAVON ABREU, Raul, MORALES, UNA IMPORTANTE CIUDAD ARQUEOLOGICA EN TABASCO, 60 p, describes and illustrates an important Maya site and its stelae, edition limited to 250 copies.


PAZ, Octavio; STERLIN, Henri et al., Art Millenaire Des Amerique De La Decouverte a L'Admiration 1492-1992 French Text, coffeetable masterpiece, Olmec, Tlatilco, Xochipala, Colima, Chupicuaro, Mezcala, 156 works of art from Mesoamerica, Peru & the Amazon in exact color, each described fully in appendix, also 146 photos, maps and illustrations (most in color) depicting the expeditions of Columbus, Cortez & Pizarro as well as the art of Mexico, Mesoamerica, ancient Peru and the Amazon. 379p.


PEREZ GALAZ, Juan de Dios, CAMPECHE EN LA CULTURA MAYA. 90 p, here is a book your library is missing.


PEREZ Zevallos, Juan and Jose Antonio Perez Gollan, La Etnohistoria en Mesoamerica y los andes (Textos basicos y manuales) (Spanish Edition), INAH, 258p.


PETERSON, Frederick A. Some ceramics from Mirador, Chiapas, Mexico, (Papers of the New World Archaeological Foundation), 126 p., preclassic figurines, NWAW # 15.


PINA CHAN, Roman and NAVARRETE, Carlos. Archeological research in the lower Grijalva River region, Tabasco and Chiapas (Papers of the New World Archaeological Foundation), 52 p, stelae in unusual styles, covers Chontalpa region of Tabasco & Las Palmas region of Chiapas., includes 5 tables, 100 maps, B&W photos and illustrations.


PINA CHAN, R., CULTURA Y CIUDADES MAYAS DE CAMPECHE. 9 color photos, 129 B+W, 14 drawings (maps, tables, charts, illustrations), features Chenes and Rio Bec monumental architecture. Pina Chan was in charge of excavations at Xpuhil, Becan, and other sites. government subsidized coffee table book, hardbound, 199p.


PINA CHAN, R., Museum of the Huaxtec civilization (Official guide I.N.A.H), museum guide, 15 photos, 115 p, on Huastec Maya art.


PINA CHAN, R., UNA VISION DEL MEXICO PREHISPANICO. Instituto de Investigaciones Históricas: Serie Culturas Mesoamericanas, 1, 85 B&W photos of sites, carvings, monuments & pottery, 4 foldout maps, 339p.


PINCEMIN, Sophia, Entierro en el palacio: La tumba de la estructura III, Calakmul, Campeche (Coleccion Arqueologia) (Spanish Edition), most complete report on any Maya tomb, everything is pictured, but it has streaky printing & xerographic photos, paperback, rare w/more than 70 photos, illustrations and site maps. 209p.


PINCEMIN, Sophia, Remontando el rio--: Reconocimiento arqueologico del rio Candelaria, Campeche (Arqueologia) (Spanish Edition), complete review of the archaeology and Chontal Maya ethnohistory of the Rio Candelaria area of Campeche, including El Tigre. Illustrations of Maya architecture, pottery, 10 maps, 16 photos, 298p.


POLLOCK, H.E.D., Puuc Architecture (Memoirs of the Peabody Museum, Vol 19), illustrates and describes more than 150 Puuc style Maya sites, over 500 pages, must be a thousand illustrations. This comprehensive book is dedicated to photographs of temple pyramid and palaces throughout Campeche and Yucatan. The most complete discussion of an ancient Maya architectural style ever produced.


PONCE, Pedro et al, EL ALMA ENCANTADA 498p. reprint of the 1892 "Breve Relacion de los Dioses y Ritos de la Gentilidad", Aguilar's "Informe contra Idolatras," Serna's "Manual de Ministros de Indios and other classic ethnohistoric sources, Hardbound.


PROSKOURIAKOFF, Tatiana, A Study of Classic Maya Sculpture, Carnegie Institution of Washington, Pub. 593, original edition, not the reprint with fuzzy 2nd-hand illustrations. Paper version (original Carnegie edition still in CIW binding), oxidized cover, rare edition of the most important reference book on Maya sculpture ever published.


PROSKOURIAKOFF, Tatiana, Jades from the Cenote of Sacrifice, Chichen Itza, Yucatan, hundreds of selections of Jade shown on 86 B&W photographic plates, also four color plates with 28 Jade pieces ( all from 1910-1917 expeditions ), complete descriptions of every piece crossreferenced. 217p.


PROSKOURIAKOFF, Tatiana, MAYA HISTORY, Hardcover, about 150 pages w/glyphs and descriptions and chronology of art of Classic period (250-900AD), 14 line drawings of monuments, more than 300 original glyphs drawings, 211p.















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