Research on edible flowers for Maya foods


For several years we have been doing research on edible flowers, especially flowers which can be used as a spice or flavoring for condiments. The flower of Quararibea-funebris is such a flavoring.

To assist students, scholars, and the general public who have an interest in pre-Columbian Mesoamerica we provide the bibliography below. Our focus is primarily the Maya, though we do keep track of foods of the Aztec. We try to note the foods of the Mixtec of Oaxaca, Mexico as well, but our focus is rather clearly on Guatemala since the material here is easier to find.

FLAAR is preparing several monographs on foods of the Classic Maya as well as books on cacao, chocolate, tobacco, and incense. We have been doing research on these topics for several years and are working especially to obtain original photographs of high-resolution and giclee-style natural beauty. But on this page we present only the bibliography, since the trees are extremely elusive: literally. In four years search we have found one single tree, and it had one single flower (we visited the tree three times, this requiring a 3 day round-trip drive with a fully equipped photo team). We are obviously seeking additional trees.

It also took four years to find orejuela, and we finally found one tree; then a week later found five more. So it will be the same with molinillo: we will eventually have found more trees so we can do our fine art photography style of recording the flowers.


Bibliography on Quararibea funebris,
Molinillo, Rosita de Cacao


Molinillo is missing totally from Plantas utiles de Peten Guatemala (MacVean 2003). And Quararibea funebris is conspicuously missing from most discussions of the plants of Alta Verapaz in general and Q'eqchi' in particular.

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    Funded by AVINA (Asociaci�n para la Vida y la Naturaleza) and associated with Pronatura. Describes 220 species of tree. Has one photo of each, but quite small, and when a wide-angle view you can't see any detail. Font is also quite small.

    I estimate the publication date is 2011 because the front info page is a tad academic and not very practical; does not clearly list the date of publication.
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